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About Holistic Hair:


Simple and natural is beautiful! At Holistic hair you can rest assure that you will receive only the highest quality service, advice, and organic ingredients.


Its that easy. The less harsh chemicals we use on our hair, body and skin, the more radiant we will look and feel. 


The reward is less breakouts, inflammation, and hair loss. Not only is less chemicals far better for our overall health it is much easier on the environment we live.


Trish the owner of Holistic Hair is a lover of the outdoors and wildlife, she believes we owe it to the earth to make the best choices not just for us humans but for the entire ecosystem.


She is a specialist in all around beauty care and spends extra time educating her customers.  Her advice encourages simple changes to your normal routine. She can help guide you on your path to a less toxic and healthier all around life style.


​​for ​​A​ NEW​​​

If you’ve ever wondered what a holistic approach to hair means, now is the time to find out! Think of it as “whole-istic,” a whole-body approach, from the products to the process, whether you are getting color or sticking with a basic cut. This approach is also earth friendly, reducing the need for chemicals.  


Those who choose color or highlights will be surprised at the low odor. No stinging, sharp smell here. The herbal treatments are easy on the scalp as well as the hair and are long-lasting. Trish also uses organic hair shampoo and conditioners that she custom blends for your unique needs. These organic, preservative-free products can be scented with essential oils and are available for sale. 


No one will know your color or highlights came from things like henna or roses but you…and Trish. 


As a Vidal Sassoon, master-level stylist trained in London, Trish takes the time to learn about you, your hair type and style, and what approach would be the best for you. Plus, she gives a scalp massage that will have you closing your eyes and silently begging for it to continue. 


Come in to see what all the fuss is about. Call or text Trish at (630) 608-8058 to book your appointment!

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Happy Family

Trish's work has been featured in magazine and print ads. Local hospitals and businesses have wall-sized portraits of her styling. 

Young Woman with Short Hair

Tailored to your personal style, Trish will transform your hair to match what you are seeking. Best of all, she does it organically. 

Bridal Hair Stylist

Visit Trish for your bridal party beauty. Both hair and make-up consultations are available. 

 "Tru You"

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Sessions starting at $100

Bookings are limited ! 

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